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Kickstart your custom bike project with metalworking training!

Why You Need This Training

Metalwork 1 is the fundamental course to teach you basic skills to work with metal. We start from a zero base, and take you to the stage of building some simple functional shop tools and motorcycle parts.

How? With over four hours of video training. This is as close as we can get to me being in the shop with you, coaching you along the way.


What you get

Video training course

Access to the full video training course, 27 videos and four hours of exclusive content, shot by me, in my shop!

Discussion forum

Got a question about the training, or your metalworking project? Ask for some input in the forum! I'll be there to take questions!


Files and extra training documents to supplement the lessons


One time buy, lifetime access

Lifetime access to the course, with all future updates and additions included.

Are you ready to learn, and put in the work?

Those custom motorcycles that grace the home pages of the big websites were built by some amazing builders. But most of us don’t want a trailer-queen piece of garage art. We have one bike (or two, or three!) and we love to ride.

But factory bikes are a bit boring. When it rolls out the dealership, any other mug can buy the same model and have the same bike. Even when you tick the boxes in the factory options list, it's still a bit.....well……vanilla.

If you’re reading this you’re not into vanilla. You want it to be your own. And you really don’t want to pay anyone else to do it.

So you posted a photo of your favourite custom above your workbench and stripped your bike into a pile of parts and picked up the angle grinder.

BUT! Unless you took shop classes – or worked in a fabrication or machine shop – you probably got stuck!

Maybe you didn’t even get started!

Maybe you were frustrated and uncertain when you hit that roadblock:

Jeff Wright's Shovelhead swingarm chopper, one of my favorite bikes by my favorite builder (also my computer wallpaper!)

  • What happens if I cut it in the wrong place?
  • What is the right metal to use to make my seat pan?
  • Should I weld this on? Or bolt it on?
  • I need to make a bracket for the taillight…where do I start?
  • How do I cut this sheet metal into the shape I want?
  • What drill should I use to make these holes?
  • How do I get a brushed finish on my part?

All of a sudden your project is stalled. So its off to the YouTube search box: “how to install a cafe racer hoop”.

Start watching the top video: Nope. Wrong bike. 

Second video: Nope. Didn’t explain where to cut the frame. 

Third video: Nope. He did it so fast I couldn’t see how to do it. 

Fourth video: Nope. I don’t have the tools that guy used.

And that's just the first problem! What about the other 500 problems you’re going to face during this build?


There is a way

I started Krank Engineering in 2012 to help other people with machining and welding on their project bikes in Melbourne, Australia.Now, via this website, I provide better tech info for custom bike builders. Just like you.Not professional builders. They don’t need any help.But, backyard builders. People whose car lives in the driveway so they can build their bike in their garage.People who scrounge second hand parts off Craigslist or eBay.People who have a day job in a completely different field, but scour the internet for inspiration on their lunch break.People who are determined to be part of the custom motorcycle community.People who are passionate about learning.People who -most of all – want that sense of achievement that they did it themselves.Is this you?

Get instant access to Metalwork 1 now!

Check out the trailer video >>>

What's in the training?

You'll get six chapters, and three guided-projects to get you working with hand tools, and giving you the confidence to get started metal working. Here's a breakdown of the contents:



About Metals

To get you ready for the upcoming lessons, we cover the three most essential properties of metals (relevant to our projects, of course) and some basics about metal manufacturing



Marking out

Good quality work depends on careful and accurate marking out on the stock. Learn about the hand tools and exact marking-out process to be ready for the next step.



Making holes

Virtually every metal project is going to need some holes in it. Learn about the different tools used for cutting holes, selecting the right one, setting up your drilling machinery, finishing off the drilled hole and safety.



Cutting stock

You'll have to cut your part of a larger piece of metal, so find out all about the different ways to cut stock with hand or power tools, how to secure the metal before cutting, and finishing off cut edges.



Metal filing

Filing is possibly my favorite step. You can make incredibly accurate parts by finishing to the exact size with files.  Learn about different files, their use and their care.




Once your part is done, how are you going to finish off the surface? Paint? Polish? Powdercoat? Raw? Take a look at different surface finishes and how they apply to different metals.



Project 1 - drill gauge

Put all your new learning into practice with the first simple project. Making a drill gauge will reinforce all the lessons, and provide a useful tool around the shop for measuring small the diameter of drill bits and small bolts.



Project 2 - soft vice jaws

Most vice jaws are made of hardened steel. They make serious permanent marks on softer metals like the aluminum we use on motorcycles. This quick sheet metal project will make some covers for your vice jaws to protect your parts.



Project 3 - licence plate bracket

Watch me apply all our lessons to build two different licence plate brackets - one lightweight aluminum bracket, and a heavier steel one to also carry a tail light. Get a private insight into the design process I use to conceptualize and fabricate the parts.

Matt McLeod

MATT MCLEOD  //  Trainer, coach, lover of (most) motorcycles!

I believe anyone can build their own custom motorcycle.

I believe you should enjoy that sense of satisfaction that comes from creating something with your own hands. 

I believe you don’t have to pay someone else to do it.

I teach people how to build custom motorcycles by helping them build skills and confidence with my articles and training videos.  

I provide better technical information for custom motorcycle builders. And I shorten the learning curve getting you there.

Matt McLeod




200% Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m so confident you will get outrageous value from a membership that I’m offering a 2 month/200% money back guarantee.


Yes, if you’re not completely satisfied within 2 months of signing up, simply use the Contact page to request a refund. I’ll give you back TWO HUNDRED PERCENT of any investment you have made within that two months. Yes, double your money back.

Matt McLeod

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