Thoughts on setting up the member site…

Hi all,

Wanted to share my thoughts I what I would do next to improve the members site for you.

Since I have content spread out all over my site, YouTube and in the “Resources & Training” sub-forums, my thought was to aggregate all that distributed content in new “courses”. Since the material is already in the public domain, they’ll be free, but all the resources I have, for, say, “hand tools” will all go into a new “Hand Tools Course”. The written content, videos and any downloads will all be in one place.

Then, each course should have a dedicated Forum for support and discussion. Some of the existing Forums can be repurposed for this, and in other cases I might have to create some new Forums.

I’m aiming to keep my existing “categories” so people can quickly drill down to the area they need at that time:

  1. Can I build a custom motorcycle?
  2. Engineering for motorcycles
  3. Cool motorcycle shop equipment
  4. What tools do I need to work on my motorcycle?
  5. Working on motorcycle mechanical systems
  6. Working on motorcycle electrical systems
  7. Chassis & frame modifications
  8. Shiny bits: paint & polish on your motorcycle
  9. Welding & fabrication on your motorcycle
  10. For your inspiration: some of our projects

The existing courses within the “Resources & Training” Forum will be migrated over to the courses area. Metalwork 1 has already been set up. I still have to create a course for Metalwork 2. Then all the downloads can be linked out of the course topics (where they logically should live). At that point I’ll retire those threads holding the courses (they’ll be redundant and duplicate).

My feeling is I can add more value to people’s journey to build their own motorcycle if I create more courses. Reading a web page or watching a video is ok, but I’m hoping to help *more* with courses.

Obviously this is my side business, and I aim to build up the membership community, for two reasons.

Firstly, the community will be more valuable with more people in it. More people to ask questions. More people to help others. More experiences to share. Once you get enough members (not sure what “enough” is here), the community value is massive due to the interaction and input from so many more people. I’m sure you’ve seen that in other forums and Facebook groups. I’ll keep pushing to bring on more members so we can get to this point.

Secondly, I’m aiming for the site infrastructure to be self funding, and I’d love to invest a few thousand dollars in additional lighting, audio and cameras so I can shoot higher quality videos, and pay for some editing assistance so I can deliver more training videos faster than I can now.

Anyway, that was a bit of a ramble but I wanted to let you know how I’m planning to keep adding value to your membership.

Love to hear your thoughts, just post a reply below.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on setting up the member site…”

  1. It makes more sense to have a course, so people can drill down or follow a logical progression (rather than trying to find related videos on youtube).

    The categories you listed make sense to me.

    But as you mentioned, numbers are the key. Literally, the more the merrier in this case.

    Are you still doing it so some courses can be purchased as a one off. And that there is members only content (such as long form video with detail) vs a sped up/edited version on youtube to get eyeballs and bring people to the site?

  2. Yep, some courses will be one-off (rather than membership), so those people who don’t want or need the “community”-aspect can just buy the course. All the courses within the membership (Metalwork 1 and the Design Drawing course at this point) will be available separately.

    So I will be aiming to create the super detailed content for the members, then the entertaining time lapse version will go on YouTube.

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