Welcome to the new members site!

I’m excited to be unveiling the new Member’s site!

Check out the video above which will have a monthly update. The links on the right should be self-explanatory but let me know if something doesn’t work the way you expect, or whether you expected to see something and you thought it was missing.

Got any comments or thoughts? Just drop them in a reply below….

Thanks, and looking forward to making this the best place on the internet for my DIY custom bike tribe !!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the new members site!”

    1. Forums are hanging out of the “My Account” menu up in the header menu bar.

      You made me check again though Jason!! Thankyou…yes I am getting a 504 error on the build thread topics. I’ve pinged the developer to fix ASAP.

      For some reason the “Resources” and “Tech” forums are working but not “Build Threads”.

      Thanks again, sorted shortly.

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